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Group Exercise Classes

Supple Strength and Stretch Class

Explore exercises that will focus on your posture, core stability, body alignment, and flexibility. This class blends elements of Yoga, Pilates, and body conditioning to build a challenging holistic workout. There is no jumping or bouncing around, all the exercises will be performed in your own time to challenge you throughout the class. The class will help you with posture and alignment as well as improve balance and coordination. It can also be useful in building and maintaining a healthy back as well as helping in the management of lower back pain. 


Improves functional movement patterns, motor control, and balance.

Encourages recruitment of stabilising muscles and posture alignment.

Muscular strength and endurance benefits.

Improves flexibility.

Improves posture.

The Mind / Body Link

This class concentrates on mindful movement, instead of being a fast-paced class where participants tend to think about choreography or getting the workout done ASAP. It promotes linking movement and body awareness trying to focus on form.

Functional Fitness

It aims to develop a strong, flexible body where the muscles' strength and flexibility are balanced.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners Class

Vinyasa Flow Yoga class

This class is aimed at those who are new to yoga or who like to work on understanding the basics. Learn the alignment and purpose of yoga poses "asanas" and how to put them together. Start to understand how breath and yoga complement each other and can be a life-changing practice. This class is an excellent foundation to grow your yoga practice. There is no expectation of any ability in this class.

Vinyasa flow yoga is a very popular practice for physical and mental fitness. It is a flowing style of practice incorporating dynamic movement with the breath to improve strength and flexibility and your overall health. A 'vinyasa' means combining movement and breath and is a sequence of movements often used between longer-held poses. The flow helps many to focus the mind. This class will work on understanding that movement, alignment, and technique in poses make it an easier and more relaxing practice despite the dynamic strength and stretch-based exercises. Literally, the relaxing way to shape up.

Pilates Stretches
Vinyasa Flow Yoga for beginners and intermediates Class
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